No. 3 Viejas Viñas 2008

3.75cl Jorge Ordonez Moscatel Spain > Malaga Sweet, Dessert Wine
Ordonez & Co. No.3 Old Vines is made with grapes which are selected berry by berry and partially dried before pressing. The resultant nectar is then fermented and aged in new oak barrels. 2008 No. 3 Old Vines Malaga (100% late-harvested Moscatel de Alexandria, fermented in large French oak barrels; 250 g/l residual sugar): Bright gold. A heady, exotic bouquet evokes orange marmalade, apricot pit, incense and blonde tobacco, with a spicy topnote. Sweet, palate-staining pit fruit and honey flavors are complicated by notes of smoky herbs and ginger, plus a subtle orange zest note coming up with air. Very sweet but lively as well, finishing with superb energy and cling. 94 POINTS

 This winery was originally a joint venture between the Ordonez family from Malaga and Alois Kracher, the famous sweet winemaker from Austria. Unfortunately, Mr. Kracher sadly passed away in November 2007 and winemaking duties have been passed on to his son and assistant, Gerhard.
The focus is exclusively on the extraordinary Moscatels of the region and during his tenure, Alois Kracher changed the method in which these wines are produced. Traditionally, grapes for these sweet wines were dried in the sun on straw mats. This led to wines of intense sweetness but also an unpleasant baked/caramel character. Alois began to dry the grapes indoors, in cooler cellars, away from the burning Malaga sun, which resulted in a style of wine that was cleaner, fresher and retained crisp acidity.
The vineyards are located around the village of Almarchar and are planted in slate soils exclusively to Muscat of Alexandria. The vineyards have altitudes varying from 200m to 600m and from young vines up to 50 year old vines.



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